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SMD Screen is one of the best and most imminent brands’ steadfast screens with fantastic displays. Furthermore, we provide our professional services at affordable prices.

We establish wide-reaching and fine-pitch indoor and outdoor SMD screens that provide high picture quality, and you can see any digital content on them. You can purchase them at affordable prices in any color and size. Our SMD screens are long-lasting, and they provide results in every circumstance.

We have 15 years of experience in this field. We are the best solution providers in our area. 100% of our customers are satisfied with our services.

Services We Offer

Our main products include indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, LED screen module, and we provide comprehensive services.


SMD Screens offers Indoor screens with high-quality pictures and materials at a reasonable price.


We provide Outdoor screens that are the first choice of companies and brands for advertising, banning, and promoting.

Pole Streamers

Pole streamers are the new technology for advertising, displaying, and campaigning for brands and businesses.

Comercial Display

Commercial Display

A stronger product series, reliable technology, outstanding scene application capabilities. Whether commercial solid or commercial rental, we can provide you with high-quality solutions



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I purchased an Indoor screen from SMD Screens. The services of this company are very professional. Furthermore, the quality of the Indoor Screen is extraordinary.

The picture quality of this screen is stunning with the high resolution. Moreover, they gave me many options as they have different types, colors, and shapes of screens.

The most important thing is that they offer products at very affordable prices. I highly recommend the consequences of this company.

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